I am endorsing Harley Rider for Dexter Township Supervisor because he is a leader who is dedicated, organized, and trustworthy. As Dexter Township Clerk, Harley strives for excellence and will bring the same standards to the Supervisor's Office. We need an experienced leader as Supervisor who can immediately perform the required functions, understands the importance of public safety and will work with and serve all residents of Dexter Township. Harley Rider is the clear choice for Supervisor.
​Brent Courson

Vice-Chair, Dexter Township Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC)

I support Harley Rider for Dexter Township Supervisor, to bring a transparent & honest government to serve the citizens of the Township. Nancy Godek
Harley is a person of proven personal & public integrity & service that speaks for itself. I support Harley Rider for Dexter Township Supervisor to bring united leadership with proper direction for the Township Citizens.
​Paul Godek
I am pleased to endorse Harley Rider for the office of Dexter Township Supervisor. I have been fortunate to serve with Harley as a member of the Dexter Area Fire Department administrative board.  Harley has an extensive background in public safety having served in law enforcement with both the Washtenaw County Sheriff's  Department and the Huron Clinton Metropolitan Authority.  He was instrumental in establishing the storm warning system now in operation in Dexter Township. He has also worked diligently to facilitate the building of a fire substation to significantly improve emergency response times for Dexter township residents.  Harley is extremely knowledgeable regarding day to day operations of the township. His record as Township Clerk is outstanding. I enthusiastically support Harley Rider to be the next Dexter Township Supervisor.

John Westman
Vice Chair, DAFD Administrative Board and
Webster Township Trustee 

I've known Harley Rider for over 30 years. He's a dedicated public servant, an outstanding elected official, and a trusted friend.  He has devoted his life to protecting and serving our community.  Harley Rider has the unique qualifications, integrity, and work ethic needed to lead Dexter Township through the challenges that face us.

Marty Straub

Former Chair of the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners

I am pleased to endorse Harley Rider for Dexter Township Supervisor.  I have known Harley more than 12 years and have worked with him on several regional committees. I have found Harley Rider to be a dedicated public servant.  Whatever the task Harley always does a thorough job in seeing it through and is very detail orientated. The residents of Dexter Township will do well having Harley Rider as their Supervisor.

​Jim Carson Chairman, Washtenaw Area Transportation Study and
Village of Dexter Trustee
Partial list of those who supported Harley B. Rider for Dexter Township Supervisor

Roma Bezzeg
Tamra Letzring-Bezzeg
Libby Brushaber – Dexter Township Treasurer
Steve BurchDexter Township Public Safety Advisory Committee/Former ZBA Chair
Jim Carson – Dexter Village Trustee; Chair, WATS Policy Committee; Chair, WAVE Board.
Brent Courson – Vice Chair, Dexter Township Public Safety Advisory Committee
Richard Darr
James Drolett
– Dexter Township Supervisor
Tom Ehman
– Vice Chair, Dexter Township Planning Commission
Charles Estleman – Webster Township Trustee
Steve Feinman – Chair, Multi-Lakes Water & Sewer Authority Board
Jackie Gheringer
Michael Gheringer
Nancy Godek
Paul Godek
Catherine Guidebeck
Andy Haines
Peggy Haines – Former Washtenaw County Clerk
Norwin Lesser
​Erma O’Connor
Sally Springer
Sheridan Springer – Former Chair, Dexter Township PlanningCommission
Marty Straub – Former Chair, Washtenaw County Board ofCommissioners
Gerald Stoll
Sharon Stoll
Jack West
John Westman – Webster Township Trustee; Vice-Chair, DexterArea Fire Dept. Board
Richard Wines